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Epperly Tire & Auto Centers

Posted on Nov 22, 2013 in In The News

We had a great time visiting with customers at all 3 Epperly Tire & Auto Centers on Wednesday. Many thanks to all of you who had oil changes, and many thanks to Epperly for sponsoring this generous event. http://www.wrbl.com/story/24026818/epperly-tire-donates-proceeds-to-valley-rescue-mission

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Posted on Nov 22, 2013 in Events, Success Stories

I saw my life just disappearing before me as I walked the streets… homeless.  Now life couldn’t get any better.   My name is Edward, and I never wanted to get involved with the things I chose to do. I had no father figure in my life – my mom did everything for us kids. When I was very young, she became drug and alcohol addicted due to the influence of a guy she met. All I knew was violence from the age of 6 or 7 on. I dropped out of school in the tenth grade, and my life was filled with fighting every day, drive-by shootings, and selling drugs. I first smoked pot at age 14 and sold it for many years. I couldn’t work due to health issues, so sold drugs instead to make a living. I remember being at a neighbor’s house one day watching him use crack. I asked for some, and it was downhill from there. Even though I saw what drugs had done to my mother, I still wanted to try them. It was like there was no way around it – I had to go through it. I saw my life just disappearing before me as I walked the streets homeless, staying in crack houses and sleeping in cars. I was tired and knew I needed somebody to help me. One day I had a very clear impression of God saying to me, “Call Valley Rescue Mission”. I literally jumped straight up, called, and spoke with Rob in the Howard Mott Center. This was on a Wednesday, and in just two days time I was accepted into the program on Friday. But I made up excuses to not come in as I still wanted to do more drugs. I was at a friend’s house, doing drugs with him, and we had run out of money. I was low, low, low. I saw how he was acting due to the drug use and knew I would lose hope and end up just like him if I didn’t act quickly. After all I went through I finally came to the conclusion that this is not the life I wanted to live. I entered the men’s substance abuse recovery program at Valley Rescue Mission and never looked back. From the first day I started learning about the Lord, and I was ready for this. I took me hitting rock bottom to realize that I can’t walk this life by myself. The burdens I was carrying were heavy; they wore me down and took my life away. But by the power God has invested in me, I have overcome those burdens that were like a...

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