Each man commits to spend a minimum of 90 days at the Howard Mott Center. During his stay each man is involved in work therapy. Depending upon a man’s ability and dependability, he will be assigned to one of many jobs at the Mission.  Placement areas include retail, kitchen, security, food pantry, building and grounds keeping, laundry, and driving. Each man attends chapel, recovery classes, daily devotions and additional Bible studies given by volunteers and churches during their stay at the Mission. Each man is required to accomplish specific goals.

Phase 2

The Crossroads Addiction Recovery Program is Phase II in our men’s Addiction Recovery Programs. Crossroads is an intense 6 month program designed to help men who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. While at Crossroads, a student learns that with God’s help, he can overcome his addiction. He learns that there is a better life without drugs and alcohol. He is taught how to have a renewed and healthy relationship with his family and friends. With an enhanced self-esteem he is shown what he can accomplish with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of God.
Each man commits to a minimum of 6 months at our Crossroads Addiction Recovery Program. Here the men are away from the city. They spend half of their day in a classroom setting and the other half in work therapy.

Phase 3

Phase III is an optional adjustment period for men after finishing their particular program. The men in Phase III have finished Phases I and II of the goal-based program and are back at the HMC preparing to seek work outside of the Mission or become involved in work therapy. Some of the requirements and opportunities are as follows:

  • Required goals in writing from the men on their plans for the future
  • Life skill class opportunities such as interviewing skills, resume preparation, etiquette classes, basic computer skills, how to dress for success and hands on job training through the Mission
  • Servant leader and employment considerations are also options for successful graduates.
Resident Program Goals:
  • To provide an opportunity for a student to accept and follow Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.
  • To provide an opportunity to study, understand and practice godly principles in everyday life as taught in God’s Word.
  • To provide an understanding of what happens when we violate God’s principles and how to find a place of restoration when we do.
  • To provide an understanding of how to deal with life-controlling problems and how to prevent them according to God’s Word.
  • To provide an opportunity for the students to develop Christ-like character and the fruit of the Spirit, by attending Bible classes, living with other students who have similar problems, and accomplishing daily work details while exhibiting good work habits and attitudes.

While at Crossroads, the student who does not have a high school education is given the opportunity to work on his GED.

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