Damascus Way shelter 4The Addiction Recovery Program is a Christ-centered, six-phase developmental recovery program designed to help women break their dependence on drugs, alcohol and destructive relationships. It is a program that promotes personal growth and well-being, develops a plan for personal success, and builds a solid foundation for spiritual maturity that leads to restoration of life and results in a woman who becomes a contributing member of the community and the body of Christ.

Phase 1: Introduction – Peace with God

Goal – to remove barriers of denial and spiritual death

Phase 2: Commitment to God and Peace with Ourselves

Goal – to develop the belief that change is possible and then to become willing to change

Phase 3: Reconciliation – Peace with Others

Goal – to become reconnected with the human race

Phase 4: Rebuilding

Goal – to rebuild a meaningful life and establish a responsible, independent, sober and godly life

Phase 5: Maintenance

Goal – Emancipation!

Phase 6: Aftercare (optional)

Additional counseling, opportunity for additional education, job readiness skills, establishment of individual housing, continued parenting and budgeting classes

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