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Posted on Nov 22, 2013 in Events, Success Stories

I saw my life just disappearing before me as I walked the streets… homeless.  Now life couldn’t get any better.   My name is Edward, and I never wanted to get involved with the things I chose to do. I had no father figure in my life – my mom did everything for us kids. When I was very young, she became drug and alcohol addicted due to the influence of a guy she met. All I knew was violence from the age of 6 or 7 on. I dropped out of school in the tenth grade, and my life was filled with fighting every day, drive-by shootings, and selling drugs. I first smoked pot at age 14 and sold it for many years. I couldn’t work due to health issues, so sold drugs instead to make a living. I remember being at a neighbor’s house one day watching him use crack. I asked for some, and it was downhill from there. Even though I saw what drugs had done to my mother, I still wanted to try them. It was like there was no way around it – I had to go through it. I saw my life just disappearing before me as I walked the streets homeless, staying in crack houses and sleeping in cars. I was tired and knew I needed somebody to help me. One day I had a very clear impression of God saying to me, “Call Valley Rescue Mission”. I literally jumped straight up, called, and spoke with Rob in the Howard Mott Center. This was on a Wednesday, and in just two days time I was accepted into the program on Friday. But I made up excuses to not come in as I still wanted to do more drugs. I was at a friend’s house, doing drugs with him, and we had run out of money. I was low, low, low. I saw how he was acting due to the drug use and knew I would lose hope and end up just like him if I didn’t act quickly. After all I went through I finally came to the conclusion that this is not the life I wanted to live. I entered the men’s substance abuse recovery program at Valley Rescue Mission and never looked back. From the first day I started learning about the Lord, and I was ready for this. I took me hitting rock bottom to realize that I can’t walk this life by myself. The burdens I was carrying were heavy; they wore me down and took my life away. But by the power God has invested in me, I have overcome those burdens that were like a...

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Posted on Oct 4, 2013 in Events, Success Stories

I thank God for my alcoholism – it ultimately led to my salvation I know that many people reading this are parents grieving over wayward children, asking themselves, “What did we do wrong?” My name is Don, and I watched my parents do that same thing for several years. The answer is “Nothing”; substance abuse is about an individual’s bad choices, not a bad home life. I was raised in a very decent, moral, loving family and can honestly say that I had a great childhood. I did well in school and sports, graduated from college in 1994 with an engineering degree and obtained a great job. By many people’s standards, I had it all.  I was able to travel internationally as part of my job and soon got caught up in the evening social scene of going out for drinks. My parents had warned me about the danger of drinking, as we had alcoholism on both sides of my family. But I made the choice to join my co-workers in drinking, and within 2 years realized that I had a drinking problem. I was a functioning alcoholic, but in my heart of hearts I knew what was really going on – and so did my family. I married and my wife and I had a beautiful daughter together. Unlike me, my wife came from a very tumultuous background and our marriage was hard. It all ended in 2008 when she committed suicide. That tragedy spun my alcoholism out of control. I tried some secular rehab programs, but none of them worked. In 2010 I attended a revival meeting, and it was there that I came to know Jesus Christ as my Savior. I had attended church as a child, and once, when caught up in the moment, even walked the aisle as a teenager, but there had been no relationship. This was real. So my problems were over now – right? Wrong! Within 5 months of that decision, God began the work of cleaning me up. I lost my job, then lost my house, broke up with a woman I was dating, then got a DUI that led to my parents taking over with my daughter. I asked the judge to allow me to go into a program, and he agreed. My parents had supported Valley Rescue Mission for a long time and referred me to come here. I poured myself into the men’s program, graduated in 2011 and began working for the Mission. I wanted a mother for my daughter and a wife for me, as well as to get my career back, so against godly counsel, left the Mission to marry. Things didn’t work out, and...

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