I’d like these words to be the first ones in my story – I wouldn’t trade my time here at Valley Rescue Mission for anything on earth! My name is Chuck, and I’m a new creation because of my participation in the Crossroads Recovery program here.

I am one of 8 children and had a great childhood – I can’t blame my upbringing for my problems. I grew up in church but strayed away. At age 19, I got in with the wrong crowd and stayed there for many years. I felt so unworthy of God’s love because I would go to church on Sundays, but spend the weeks doing dope. It took a combination of a few stints in the county jail and my family finally quitting giving to me to bring me to a breaking point. When I hit bottom, I turned to Valley Rescue Mission’s recovery program for help.

My time here absolutely changed my life. I believe it has to do with the fact that the program is Bible-based. I met several people while here who’ve been in other rehab programs all over the southeast, but just weren’t able to get clean. I believe that if you want to get clean, you can’t do it on your own. I’ve now been clean for over 16 months, the best I’ve done in over 20 years!

I met some great influences while here, and learned self-discipline. I started a habit while in the program of waking up at 4 a.m. each morning to pray and read my Bible. I haven’t missed a day yet in over 16 months. I also believe it was the power of a praying church family that pulled me through this life change. I had more church family members come visit me while I was in the program than most people had family members visit.

Speaking of family, it took a long time to reestablish trust with my family members. I had manipulated and used them terribly. They now see the change in me. I have a steady job, an apartment of my own, and am attending Bible college, pursuing a bachelor’s degree. I give all the glory to God, because I’m a high school dropout! I substitute teach a Sunday School class at my church, and sing soloes regularly as well as sing in the choir. I pray I’ll be able to go into ministry and help others like I’ve been helped. I’m in for the long haul!

I want to say “Thank you” to all the donors who make the program possible. I didn’t realize until I came here just how many giving people there are in the Chattahoochee Valley area. I recommend VRM’s addiction recovery programs to people on a weekly basis, telling them,  “If you want to get clean and get your relationship with God straight, this is the place!”