Holding a Donation Drive at your church, business, club or school is a great way to help Valley Rescue Mission, as well as witness your group experiencing the fulfillment and fun of working on a project together. Below are just a few suggested drives that have worked well in the past. Contact our Development Department for more ideas and for assistance with publicity and donation pick-up.

Christmas Canned Food Drive:

Our Family Service Ministry counselor sees between 10 to 15 families a day who are in need of food.  Holding a Canned Food Drive would be a blessing to the Mission’s clients right now. We have a limited number of large marked food collection bins available to loan out for your drive. We’ll deliver them and pick up the full bins. We also have brown paper grocery bags that can be distributed to your group members, for them to fill with non-perishable items.

Holiday Food Bags:

Each Christmas Valley Rescue Mission provides holiday bags to 600 families. We’ll be distributing grocery store gift certificates so families can purchase the ingredients for a delicious Christmas meal. Gift certificates from local grocery stores, in any denomination, will be so appreciated.

The Toy Store:

A Toy Drive would be beneficial to assist us in providing new toys for more than 1,500 children during the holidays.  Please bear in mind that Valley Rescue Mission is a Christian organization and we do not give militaristic toys (combat-oriented items, i.e., guns, knives, militant figures) or violence-themed items to the children.

Bundle-up Drive:

A sock, glove/mitten, toboggan/hat, scarf, coat, jacket, or sweater drive would provide items to give to the countless numbers of men, women, and children who come to our shelters often with just the clothes on their backs.


Holiday shoeboxes filled with small items make great Christmas gifts for the men, women, and children who are currently living in our shelter facilities. Suggested items are toiletry items, hard candy, a phone card, fast food coupons, socks, bath cloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, razors, soap, body wash, deodorant, pens, pencils, small pocket writing tablets, batteries, crossword puzzle books, Christian tracts, crayons, New Testaments, pocket calendars, and small toys for children’s boxes.

Electric Heaters:

The elderly and disabled are in danger of hypothermia because they are unable to pay the high costs of heating bills. Many are still struggling with last year’s overdue bills and/or must pay large deposits before they can have their utility reconnected. By employing a small electric heater, recipients are able to isolate a portion of their home and heat only a small area as opposed to operating the larger unit to warm the entire house.  We will give electric heaters, as we have them available, during the winter months.

Fan Club:

In the summer of 2012, we distributed over 400 electric fans (free of charge) to people sweltering in the hot Southern sun. Encourage your group members to join our Fan Club and donate a fan to help others beat the heat.

School supplies:

Pencils, crayons, notebooks, scissors, etc. – they can really add up when it’s back-to-school time. Many of our shelter families simply do not have the means to afford these essentials. Please consider holding a drive for school supplies, and provide children with the tools they need for a successful school year.

Underclothing and Jogging Suits:

Underclothing and jogging suits of all sizes, for both genders, is a great need. There is a greater need in men’s sizes M, L, XL, and XXL, as opposed to S and XXXL.  Ladies’ sizes range from S to XXL, with a higher concentration in the sizes L and XL. Children’s sizes are from infant to adult.

Spread the Word:

The Mission would love to have these items to share with our clients: Bibles (English and Spanish), tracts, Christian reading materials, Christian music, sermon tapes, resource/teaching materials, Christian fiction and non-fiction, Sunday School materials, and Bible study books.

Giving Trees:

Our Family Service Ministry counselor sees needy people not only during the holidays but all year long as well. Setting up a Giving Tree with names and having the members of your group each select a specific name of an individual for whom they would buy a Christmas present can be used as a great teaching tool, especially for children. When you allow your child to select the name of the recipient and then shop for the present, you are giving them an experience that will be beneficial to them throughout their lives.

Personal Hygiene Bags:

We are in the process of collecting items and assembling toiletry/personal hygiene bags for distribution to our shelter clients. Ideally, the bags will include (but not be limited to) soap, body wash, lotion, shaving cream, razors, deodorant, bath cloths, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, a toothbrush, Band-Aids, Q-tips, etc.

Holiday Decorations:

Nothing adds to the warmth and festivities of the holidays like homemade crafts and decorations. We are in need of centerpieces to use for our holiday meals to dress-up the tables. This activity gives children an opportunity to express themselves artistically.  And please, don’t toss those old decorations – we need them! Volunteers to decorate the Christmas trees and our facilities are also needed.

Wrap It Up:

Both the Damascus Way Home for Women and Children and the Howard Mott Center for Men need holiday gift wrappers to wrap the presents for our clients. Holiday wrapping paper, tape, and scissors will be needed for this activity. It would be a great “hands-on” mission activity for a youth group.

For all donations – we ask that you please exclude cologne, aftershave, perfume, and mouthwash, as these items contain alcohol and often are misappropriated by the clients for other than their intended use.