TRACEY’s story

“I feel like I’ve been running away all my life.”


The Transformative Power of God
“As hopeless as I felt, I knew that God was watching. His grace and mercy led us to the Mission.”


When they came to the Mission, Tracy and her three year old son CJ had been living on the streets, desperate and hungry.

“I survived eight different abusive foster homes. I feel like I’ve been running away all my life.”

It was a hot August night. She needed to get off her feet. She needed food and a place to rest for CJ. She was also worried about the life growing inside her. Tracy was six months pregnant.

She went to a local hospital thinking that would be a safe place to buy some time…to think things through. She prayed for help.

A hospital worker let Tracy and CJ sleep in his car. As soon as he shift ended, he took them to the Mission.

“Most of my life was filled with abuse, trauma, and depression. There was lots of anger but not love. At the Mission, CJ and I felt love.”

Over the next few weeks, Tracy was prayed for and prayer with. The Mission helped her secure food stamps and prenatal care.

Through all the heartache and feelings of hopelessness, Tracy knew that God was watching.

“God is teaching me to surrender myself to him. As I look at CJ’s happy face and think of my daughter who will soon be born, I think about John 14:6, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”