Board of Directors


Shep Mullin, Chair

Mark Overby, Vice-Chair

Patricia Weekley, Secretary

Johnny Johnson, Treasurer

Ronnie Tharpe, Ass’t. Secretary/Treasurer

Dan East, Past Chair

Richard Tipton, Member at Large

Gregory S. Ellington, Member at Large

Emeritus Members:

J. Marvin Mills

Gary Johnson



Allen Bone

Ann McDuffie

Bill Miller

Brenda Russell

Bubba Gordy

Charles West

Chris Jones

Fred Marshall

George E. Roffe

John Blair

Kay Denes

Linda Brantley

Lisa Miller

Mary Sue Batastini

Mayo A. “Biff” Hadden III

Mike Gaymon

Mike LaFramboise

Myrtis Roach, Jr.

Robert Cartwright

William Johnson


Staff Leadership

Unless otherwise specified, the phone number for
all staff members is (706) 322-8267

Valley Rescue Mission Administrative Offices (706) 322-8267

Rhonda Mobley, President/CEO - Ext. 202

Barbara Wiley, Executive Assistant - Ext. 203

Mitzi Oxford, Director of Development - Ext. 204

Ben Peek, Director of Financial Operations - Ext. 211

Jodie Jones, Administrative Services Coordinator - Ext. 206

Mayra Rivera, Development/Marketing Specialist - Ext. 205

Greg Wilson, Development/Marketing Specialist - Ext. 207

Rob Morgan, Administrative Processing Specialist/Community Liaison - Ext. 210

Camp JOY Inquiries - Ext. 214

Bill Abercrombie, Director of Retail Services (706) 225-0352

Dispatcher – Schedule a Donation Pickup (706) 225-0353

Valley Rescue Mission Men’s Center and
Men’s Addiction Recovery Center (706) 322-8267

Don Harbuck, Director - Ext. 208

Pat Malloy, Lead Program Assistant - Ext. 208

Greg Hegwood, Program Assistant - Ext. 209

Valley Rescue Mission Women and Children’s Center (706) 653-2061

Deborah Hunsinger, Director - Ext. 222

Sylvia Dunn, Lead Program Assistant (Shelter) - Ext. 223

Christy Burnell, Program Assistant (Recovery) - Ext. 221

Christine DeBorde, Activities Coordinator - Ext. 22