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"How Right From the Start is Making a Positive Impact through Partnership with Valley Rescue Mission"

Updated: Apr 8

By Angela Huggins

I am very excited to talk about Right from the Start and what they do in our community. Also, how we have partnered with them to help our clients at Valley Rescue Mission have a firm foundation and the tools to meet their full potential!

I want to give a warm and sincere thank you to two people who have made this possible.

Thank you Mrs. Debbie Caballero for your dedication and support to our Women's Addiction Recovery Program and the mothers and children in our Women's and Children's Center.

Also, to Mr. Herman Ivey for the eagerness to help grow our clients who

are residing in our Men's Addiction Recovery Program into godly men

and fathers.

Not only do you two bring wonderful information about parenting, life skills and moral recognition therapy, but you also do it as Christians and are sure that God is in it!

Thank you Right from the Start , Debbie and Herman!!!!!!

Debbie Caballero

Right from the Start

President & Executive Director

Herman Ivey

Right from the Start

MANHOOD Columbus / Fatherhood Initiative Coordinator

I had the wonderful pleasure to speak to Mrs. Debbie Caballero recently about her involvement with Valley Rescue Mission. During our conversation I found out that Mrs. Caballero became Executive Director in 2019 for Right from the Start. She was previously a long time member on our Board of Directors at Valley Rescue Mission.

During a conversation Mrs. Caballero told me, "I have a soft spot in my heart for the folks God brings to Valley Rescue Mission. It is a special blessing to see God heal hearts and restore broken lives!" It made my heart happy to know that she not only understood from an inside perspective what we do at Valley Rescue Mission, but she herself had a desire to see lives transformed in a way that only God could do.

When I thought about her words it excited me. I have known since day one that Valley Rescue Mission is a part of Gods plan for restoring what Satan has tried to take from so many amazing people. Their salvation, their sanity, their peace, their joy, their marriages, their children, their morals, their goals. I can attest that I have witnessed every one of those things and more given back by being obedient to the Lord and giving your life back to God. Not only have I seen it, I have seen it here numerous times and experienced it myself.

How God uses people who have submitted to His wonderful and perfect will, is being showcased here today. God is using Right from the Start, a non-profit based on Christian principles, to help give some of the things Satan stole back to the residents at Valley Rescue Mission.

God is using Debbie and Herman to help restore families, teach and guide with a Christ like mind to develop life skills that they have lost or never had an opportunity to learn.

As a child I myself was placed in foster care at 4 years old when my mother sought help for her addiction. Part of the process for my mother to regain custody of me and my brothers was to complete rehab, maintain employment and take parenting classes. She also had to continue these things after she was given back custody to retain custody of me and my two little brothers. I remember distinctively going to these parenting workshops with my mother. Those were some of the fondest memories I had during that time. I remember my mom doing what she needed to do to get us back and to keep us. To this day, maybe more than ever, it still means a lot to me. Not only that, but for a child it was fun. We did art projects together, we role played skits, we were spending time together with smiles on our faces! I didn't even realize until I got older all that my mother was doing for us! Those parenting classes are with me forever, and my mother too I am sure.

As a mother I desired to find classes to take my children to as well. I wanted to strengthen my bond with my kids and give myself the opportunity to learn as much as I could on how to best parent my children. I still carry the things I learned from my parenting classes with me. Knowledge is something that you have that no one can ever take form you. You can share it freely, watch it grow and even cherish it as the gift it truly is.

During a conversation with Mrs. Caballero she expressed, "Our mission at Right from the Start is to equip individuals to be able to identify, develop, and maintain positive relationships leading to strong marriages and families. We began teaching Raising Highly Capable Kids two years ago. We taught last year at Valley Rescue Missions Women's Addiction Recovery Center and this year we're teaching the course for the women there and those at the Women's and Children's Center. I love spending Tuesday evenings with them!", she goes on to exclaim. I could hear the joy and the passion she has for our residents in her voice!

After speaking to Mrs. Caballero, I gave Herman Ivey a call. I was so intrigued by what Right from the Start was doing, I had to learn more! I wanted to not only write this article, but be a part of testifying of how good God is! Never did I know that I was about to meet a man as wonderful as Mr. Herman Ivey.

Mr. Ivey is a father and husband with a passion for the Lord. He truly was so easy to listen to and gave me a joyous feeling after we spoke. Knowing that there are good men after Gods own heart who want to share what the Lord has done for him with the world... now that's an amazing thing! Something to get excited about! As we say in my household...LOOK AT GOD!

 Mr. Ivey has many hats right now. He leads the RFTS Fatherhood Initiative that is working in

Columbus to help men be better men, fathers and husbands. They also help them to be better men, fathers and husbands. The Fatherhood Initiative aims to empower men to be knowledgeable, active, and emotionally engaged with their children. They offer free classes to prepare boys and young men to become godly men, husbands and fathers. MANHOOD Columbus, a recent outgrowth of the RFTS Fatherhood Initiative, offers free

classes to empower men and boys to become H.E.I.R.s to God's Kingdom in the following four areas:

H - Health - Enhances Life

  • Self-Care

  • Proper Nutrition

  • Frequent Exercise

E - Education - Breaks Barriers

  • Academic Achievement

  • Biblical Wisdom

  • Life Readiness

I - Identity - Unlocks Potential

  • Character of a Man of God

  • Internal Tenacity

  • Vision for his future story

R - Relationships - Change Lives

  • Personal relationship with Jesus

  • Impactful relationship with mentors

  • Positive relationship with family and peers

This year Right from the Starts Fatherhood Initiative Coordinator, Herman Ivey, has also been wanting to share what the Lord has done with him and for him with Valley Rescue Mission. Mr. Ivey has been teaching a course about "Overcoming Strongholds" to the men at the Howard Mott Center (our first phase of our Men's Addiction Recovery Program) and at Crossroads (Our second phase of the Men's Addiction Recovery Program).

He loves sharing God’s truth with them, and teaching them life skills. Herman not only expressed his desire to continue to lead the guys at Valley Rescue Mission, but his desire to help mold young men into God-loving followers of Christ. We are honored to have a man with so much passion for the community and God, as part of Valley Rescue Mission's team of mentors.

Thank you Right from the Start for helping serve Christ in the community at Valley Rescue Mission!

*Right from the Start has provided relationship education to more than 39,000 people since our inception in 2009. We know that relationships matter! You can learn more about our programming at *

*Manhood Columbus is a program of Right from the Start.

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