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"Supporting Our Community: The Impact of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated Columbus, Georgia Chapter on Valley Rescue Mission"

The Beautillion Ball is a formal ball where young men in the tri-city and

surrounding areas are introduced and presented to society. They select junior

and senior high school students to participate in an intensive 9-month personal

and leadership development program that provides mentoring and a variety of

workshops focused on topics such as: financial literacy, building a “personal

brand”, public speaking, and etiquette, and they participate in several

community service activities to support our local community. This year 35

young men participated.

Since 1979, the Beautillion Ball has been the premiere and signature

fundraising event. Proceeds from the Beautillion Ball are donated to the Jack

and Jill of America, Inc. Foundation and deserving local charities and non-

profit organizations.

On Saturday, December 16, 2023 the Columbus Georgia Chapter of Jack and

Jill of America, Inc. hosted their 23rd Biennial Beautillion Ball.

That this year the young men chose Damascus Way as one of

the local organizations to donate the proceeds from their fundraising efforts!

Jack and Jill, Inc. presented this check to your Valley Rescue Mission on Saturday, April 20,

2024 at Cascade Hills Church Park. The Women's Ministry Supervisor Brandy Nichols received the gift. "We are honored to receive this gift", stated Brandy Nichols. It is a program that exemplifies the love of Christ and how important it is to plant seeds in our community.

This donation these young men gifted to the Valley Rescue Missions Women's Addiction Recovery Program will organically give to women forever. It goes beyond monetary value. It helps fund a place where women are able to change their lives forever.

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