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Loaves & Fishes

Men, women, and children, who are homeless or hungry are welcome to join us each day for the Loaves and Fishes meal program. Making ends meet is a huge struggle for many of our neighbors and that includes finding the resources to provide nutritious meals.

Making ends meet

Each day, Monday - Friday, our dining room doors open at 2:45 p.m. for anyone in need to enter and find a warm smile, an encouraging word, and a healthy meal. We start with a brief devotional thought, a prayer of thanks for the provision of the food, and then it’s mealtime.

During the summer months, we have many families with children join us; their kids receive a free lunch at school during the academic year, but stretched finances may not allow for feeding them adequately when they’re home for the summer. We are always glad to see them.

Your donations of food and finances make this free program possible. Your hands-on involvement is needed too! We need folks to come in and help prepare the meals, serve them in the food line, and then help with some light clean-up afterward. Both individuals and small groups of 6-8 volunteers are welcome.


Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 706-322-8267, ext. 209, for more details.

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