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Addiction Recovery Programs

People from all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities can see their lives or the lives of their loved ones harmed by substance abuse. Valley Rescue Mission provides treatment programs to help overcome addiction.

Men's Addiction

Valley Rescue Mission's Men’s Addiction Recovery Program is Christ-Centered and free. It's a 9 to 12-month in-residence program. During the initial 90-day evaluation period at our Columbus, Georgia center, men engage in addiction recovery classes and work therapy. They attend chapel services, addiction recovery classes, daily Bible devotions, and Bible studies. Successful completion of this stage leads to the Men’s Addiction Recovery Center in Hamilton, Georgia.



Located in Hamilton, Georgia, our Crossroads program empowers men to overcome addiction with Jesus' help. They learn to rebuild relationships, gain self-esteem, and develop discipline. Each day includes 4 hours of Bible study, life skills classes, addiction recovery curriculum, and 4 hours of work therapy. Men serve the community through outreach efforts.


Phase 3

Phase 3 is an optional aftercare period for program graduates, based in Columbus, Georgia. It aids in transitioning back into society, offering goal-setting, accountability, and mentoring in addiction recovery. Participants receive coaching on employment seeking, resume writing, applications, and interview skills. Servant Leader and employment opportunities with Valley Rescue Mission are available if qualified.


Women's Addiction Recovery Program

Our Women's Addiction Recovery program provides a safe space for women to heal, develop healthier habits, and overcome addiction. It's a free 9 to 12-month residential recovery program focused on breaking addiction to drugs, alcohol, and destructive behavior. Women build self-esteem, discover the worthiness of God's love, and learn self-discipline for better relationships with family, friends, and society.


Phase 1 & 2

In Phases 1 and 2, women embrace the belief that anything is possible through Jesus Christ. They engage in Biblical studies, life skills, and addiction recovery classes for four hours daily, alongside four hours of work therapy. These phases also cover resume writing, job applications, interview skills, and various work therapy areas. Women actively contribute to the community through local outreach initiatives.


Phase 3 - Aftercare

Our three-month aftercare program offers a safe environment for graduates to continue recovery and family restoration while reintegrating into society. Participants set goals in spiritual, personal, educational, social, and financial aspects. Finding and maintaining employment is encouraged. Biweekly meetings with case managers provide support, accountability, and coordination. Graduates seek external mentors and coaches, engage in church services, and explore spiritual growth activities outside the Mission's program.


My Story

Brandy Nichols

September 2018

"I started using drugs at a young age and quickly began to get in trouble resulting in legal issues. This was a never-ending cycle that did not stop until I finally surrendered to Christ. I entered into the Valley Rescue Mission Women’s Addiction Recovery Center in 2018. I got counseling, made peace with my past, and began to heal many wounds that had held me captive for many years.


I rebuilt my relationships with my family and became the mother, daughter, sister, and friend that God purposed me to be. Shortly after completing the program I started working for the Mission. I now am Supervisor over the Women and Children’s Center where we help restore other’s lives with the love of Christ!"

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