Addiction Recovery
for Men and Women

Men’s Addiction Recovery



The Valley Rescue Mission’s Men’s Addiction Recovery Program is Christ-Centered and free of charge. It is a 9 to 12 month in-residence program. A man seeking help for a drug or alcohol addiction commits to a 90 day evaluation period at the Valley Rescue Mission’s Men’s Center in Columbus, Georgia. During this time each man is involved in addiction recovery classes and work therapy. Depending upon a man’s ability and dependability, he will be assigned to one of many jobs at the Mission. Placement areas include retail, kitchen, security, food pantry, building and grounds, laundry and driving.

Each man also attends chapel services, addiction recovery classes, daily Bible devotions, and Bible studies. These are given by qualified staff, local volunteers, and churches. Each man will be evaluated on his attitude and willingness to commit to his recovery.

Each man must successfully complete the Intake and Evaluation process in order to proceed on to the Valley Rescue Mission’s Men’s Addiction Recovery Center in Hamilton, Georgia.

phase 1 & PHASE 2

Phase 1 and 2 of the program is located at Valley Rescue Mission’s Men’s Addiction Recovery Center in Hamilton, Georgia. The Men’s Addiction Recovery Center is nestled on 118 acres and is designed to help men who are addicted. While in Hamilton, a student learns that with Jesus’ help, he can overcome his addiction. He learns that there is a better life without drugs and alcohol. He is taught how to have renewed and healthy relationships with his family, friends, and society as a whole. With his enhanced self-esteem and self- discipline, he is shown what he can accomplish with the help of Jesus Christ. A typical day consists of 4 hours of Bible study, life skills classes, and addiction recovery curriculum and 4 hours of work therapy. Work therapy areas include but are not limited to building and grounds maintenance, kitchen, driving, horticulture, and lawn maintenance. The men also learn how to serve and give back to the community, local churches, and businesses through local outreaches.


Phase 3 of the program is an optional after care period for the men who have graduated from the Men’s Addiction Recovery Center in Hamilton. The men in Phase 3 have successfully finished Intake and Evaluation and Phases 1 and 2. Phase 3 of the program is located at the Valley Rescue Mission’s Men’s Center in Columbus, Georgia. Phase 3 allows the men to transition out into society.

Some requirements and opportunities for Phase 3 are as follows:

  •  Goal setting for 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.

  •  Continued accountability and mentoring in addiction recovery.

  •  Mandatory chapel and church attendance.

  •  Coaching on seeking employment, resume writing, applications, and interview skills.

  •  Servant Leader and employment opportunities with the Valley Rescue Mission if qualified.

Men’s Addiction Recovery Program Goals:

 To provide an opportunity for a student to accept and follow Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

 To stop using drugs and alcohol and overcome other hurts and habits.

 To provide an opportunity to study, understand and apply godly principles in everyday life.

 To provide an understanding of what happens when we violate Gods principles and how to repent and seek restoration.

 To provide an understanding of addiction and how God’s Word empowers a person to overcome addiction.

 To help the student develop Christ-like character and the fruit of the Spirit, by attending Bible classes, reading the Bible and living and working with other students who have similar struggles.

 To obtain a GED if applicable.

 To acquire life skills to help the student live a happy, successful life.

 To successfully transition the student back into society and become a productive, law abiding citizen.

Women’s Addiction Recovery

drug addiction female.jpg

download our Women’s Addiction Recovery Application

The Addiction Recovery Program is a Christ-centered, six-phase developmental recovery program designed to help women break their dependence on drugs, alcohol and destructive relationships. It is a program that promotes personal growth and well-being, develops a plan for personal success, and builds a solid foundation for spiritual maturity that leads to restoration of life and results in a woman who becomes a contributing member of the community and the body of Christ.

phase 1

Introduction – Peace with God
Goal – to remove barriers of denial and spiritual death

Phase 2

Commitment to God and Peace with Ourselves
Goal – to develop the belief that change is possible and then to become willing to change

Phase 3

Reconciliation – Peace with Others
Goal – to become reconnected with the human race

Phase 4

Goal – to rebuild a meaningful life and establish a responsible, independent, sober and godly life

Phase 5

Goal – Emancipation!

Phase 6

Aftercare (optional)
Additional counseling, opportunity for additional education, job readiness skills, establishment of individual housing, continued parenting and budgeting classes