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Men’s Center

Emergency Shelter

The Valley Rescue Mission Men’s Center transient program offers short-term overnight lodging and basic essentials to men in need. There are 50 beds available, and we normally have a 100% occupancy rate. Here, transient men can get a hot shower, dinner & breakfast, laundry facilities, and a comfortable bed to sleep in. Chapel attendance is required, so the men hear representatives of local churches share God’s love and know that they are being prayed for.

Once a man enters this program, he has 120 days within a 12 month period to stay with us. Men can also be assessed at this point and considered for the Mission’s goal-based Addiction Recovery Program, if he so desires.

Women and Children’s Center

The 56-bed Emergency Shelter is a temporary shelter providing relief from physical trauma. This may be from a fire, eviction, or escape from domestic violence. Relief is provided by meeting the physical, spiritual and material needs of the client and offering a support system to individuals coming into our facility for temporary shelter. Women and their children who find themselves homeless as a result of an unexpected catastrophe are welcomed.

Children’s Ministry

The Children’s Ministry provides a safe and loving environment in which children can thrive physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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River Ministry

Some of the homeless population in our community choose to remain unsheltered. The Mission seeks to help those living underneath bridges, in abandoned buildings, or in the woods.

Food, water, blankets, minor medical supplies may be delivered but above all, we strive to bring them hope…hope that this is not all that life has to offer them…hope that there are caring people in the world…hope that their future can be much brighter than their past or present. Relationships are built, and from time to time one of these men will leave an unhealthy life in the elements to turn to the services the Mission has to offer and the God we represent.